Jim Corbett National Park: Heaven for Wildlife

Published: 09th November 2011
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Corbett is one of the most popular National Parks in the northern India. It is well blessed with captivating charm, gigantic range of wild creatures and amazing ambience. Jim Corbett National Park is a favorite destination of every wildlife lover. The astonishing curiosity in Corbett makes it number one tourist destination in India. It is approximated that more than 80 thousands visitors visit to enjoy sheer adventure of being in the dense forest and get a glimpse of innumerable species of animals and birds. Besides natural history climate it also provides a wide range of thrilling adventurous activities to add the excitement factor in your journey. Tourists can enjoy this complete entertainment very closely at Corbett sanctuary.

Jim Corbett National Park is a habitat for lions and a refuge for its prey as well. It is additionally the local of nighttime cats such as Jungle Cat, Leopard Cat and Fishing Cat, sloth bear, black bear and wild dogs known as Dole. People can search in this park Common Otter, Indian Gray Mongoose, Black aped Hare and Porcupine. Elephants are amidst one of the most visited after enchantment of this park. It is additionally the perfect place of bird observer due to there are innumerous type of wonderful birds and few of them are migratory bird with attract visitors to visit this wonderful park. Tourists can get pleasure in Jeep Safari and Elephant Safari. This park is reputed as the paradise for Tigers houses over 55 mammals, 600 birds and 26 reptile species. Perfect time for birding at this park is October to March. Touring this park, without a second questioning, is a great experience for ornithologists and bird lovers not only from India.

Jim Corbett National Park has accoutered itself well to create it visitor-friendly. Bringing field glasses is always acclaimed to catch a good glimpse of the avian population here. The perfect and secure manner to travel this park is to get a guided tour. Travel advisers are specialists who know it better as to where you have more opportunities of staining tiger and other wildlife. Guides also have a more information of paths and can prevent you from getting lost in the park. Few portion of this park can be travelled on foot too. It is after all dangerous and a guide is again recommended. Tourists are once more recommended to check out before hand for the vacancy of transport for safaris tour as the park permissions allow only a fixed number of vehicles per day in order to prevent a check on the noise and pollution levels in the park. Elephant safaris are better to take closer look of the wild creatures. After all transports create noise and scare the animals away, elephants are a better option to take a closer look.

Corbett Park is amidst the most important national park of incredible India and it is popular across the world for its wonderful collections of flora, fauna. Corbett adventurous Safari is the perfect manner to explore the wonderful landscapes, diverse flora and fauna collections. It is definitely an unsurpassable element of incredible India journey.

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